You can register for a program by either creating a new team, joining an existing team, or signing up as an individual free agent.

To Create A New Team: There is no additional fee to be the Team Captain and register a team. Be sure to forward your player registration code to the individuals you want to join your team. Don't forget to "join your team" yourself after it's created!

To Join An Existing Team: Register and include the Player Registration Code that you were given by your Team Captain.

To Sign Up As A Free Agent: Team placement will be done by our staff and you will be contacted! You also will have an opportunity to request placement with a sibling or a friend!

Waitlists: If your team is waitlisted, please proceed to register as a Free Agent. If your team is activated, our staff can complete the registration process with your Team Captain. If registration remains full and your team does not become activated, you can be placed on a team as a Free Agent or you can issue a refund and remove yourself from registration. 

Find your program in the menu on the bottom left side of the page

Read our Registration FAQ

Need Help? Contact Hill Country Indoor Guest Services at guestservices@hillcountryindoor.com or call (512) 263-4144

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